A relationship, not just a meeting.

So we may reserve time and prepare for you, we request 50% of the consulting fee when making the appointment; this may be refunded if you cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours in advance, or if I do so at any time. We may provide translation in multiple languages, though additional fees are typically required.

We understand that getting an estimate of the fees involved is helpful in deciding whether to schedule an initial consultation. While we cannot provide a quote for your case outside of a consultation (for both professional and ethical purposes), we will do our best to give you an idea of what to expect throughout this process while you consider making an appointment.

The more we know about your matter, the more effective our meeting will be. While not required, a timeline of your immigration history would be very helpful––including dates, identification and receipt numbers, your education and employment history, and the immigration status of your family members. We cannot answer questions about your case beforehand (because that would constitute legal advice), though we will review anything that you timely send us beforehand.

We do not require original documents, and can make photocopies at our office.

We will set realistic expectations and provide a detailed map of your options that includes the time, money, risks, benefits, and strength of each option. Once we have decided on a strategy, we will provide an agreement that outlines our services and that describes: the exact amount of fees to be paid to our office and to the government (and at what times); all relevant timeframes and requirements; additional questions and checklists tailored to the strategy that we have developed; and a copy of your rights and responsibilities.

While I do not advertise specific fees for ethical and practical reasons, I will provide you a quote during this process that reflects both the specific circumstances of your case and the effort required to provide a high level of service. Monthly and installment plans are available, though restrictions may apply on the form and timing of the payments.

While w prefer that your information and documentation be delivered by email or our online portal, any material (including required ink signatures) may also be mailed or left with the receptionist in Brooklyn.

Our model is focused on keeping you within the anticipated budget and timeframes, to keep you as informed as possible of all the developments in your case, and to take additional action where necessary to keep us on track. As your legal representative, we provide a form of protection against the delays, errors, requests for additional information and documentation, and other obstacles that may prevent you from obtaining the desired result in a timely manner. We will provide regular updates and reminders to make sure that you understand how your case is progressing, and  will help you stay on course so that things move as quickly and efficiently as possible—without charging you by the hour.

While we both receive notifications from the government, your own copies may be sent to our office or a third party. Regardless, each notice received by our office will be scanned and sent to you if you do not receive your own copy. If you have applied for employment and/or re-entry permission, these documents will be issued at some point following your fingerprint appointment––typically two-to-five months.

You can track the status, and also receive email or mobile notifications, here. To check the backlog and possible filing dates for different visa categories, the visa bulletin is updated monthly here.

The government and immigration court regularly request additional evidence. Requests for Evidence (RFEs) from USCIS are extremely common and often result from changing policies and procedures. We can often anticipate these before even filing your case, and can begin planning in advance at that time. They are often related to relatively straightforward matters such as financial sponsorship and whether documents meet government specifications, though they often also related to complex questions of law that require a lengthy written response and/or a substantial submission of additional documentation. We will contact you immediately when receiving a request.

If you have hired us to appear at an interview, hearing, or other appointment, we will prepare with you from the outset. Once we have the appointment notice, we will schedule with you to prepare in great detail so that you are comfortable and confident going in. We will generally prepare at our office or via video, depending on your preference.

At the conclusion of your case, we will discuss any next steps. I can also provide an electronic copy of your file at any time and at no additional cost. If you request any other assistance beyond legal immigration services, I will do my best to make a referral to the appropriate source.

Our consulting process covers all relevant time frames, fees, risks, and benefits. We’ll consider the likelihood of success of various options, and provide detailed lists of all required information and documents.  We’ll also review all of your materials and answer all of your questions until we’ve developed a plan for your case that fits the needs for everyone, and will include a written summary of anything that you’d like to memorialize. Once you are comfortable with and confident in a plan, we will go forward––no sooner or later than that. The consulting fee is then subtracted from any fees for representation should you decide to retain us.



I loved working with Matthew. He laid out all my options and made things very simple.


– Parbatti

Matthew was my lawyer when I needed one for my case, I’m not really good at talking about other people nor judging them, but I can say I could not have had hired someone with better experience. on the other hand I won a friend and an endless source of consultation and information. Thank you Mathew, Keep it up and God bless.

– Wasem